Guest Post: Five Reasons to Hire a Small Law Firm

**Thank you to Joseph A. Doerr of the Doerr Law Firm in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan for sharing this post.  Originally posted on the Doerr Law Firm blog on April 27, 2017. When searching for an attorney, clients may seek a large firm because of the brand, a particular expertise, or the matter simply requires multiple attorneys.  I’ve also heard that some clients select a big firm because if the matter doesn’t go as anticipated, the individuals who selected the firm will have… Read More >

Public Act 379 of 2016 Updates How Physician Assistants Practice in Michigan by Removing “Supervision” and “Delegation” Language; Utilizing Practice Agreement Model

Public Act 379, which was signed into law in December 2016, modernizes the statutory language for PA-physician teams by referencing “participating physicians” rather than “supervising physicians.”  This change more accurately reflects the role PAs and physicians play as part of a healthcare team.  PA 379 requires that a PA and the participating physician work together utilizing a written practice agreement that sets out a process for communication, availability and decision-making between the providers and delineates any limitations or conditions on… Read More >

Michigan Auditor General’s Performance Audit reveals Michigan Improperly Spent $160 Million on Medicaid

A performance audit of the Michigan Medicaid Home Help Program (HHP) revealed that Michigan improperly spent a total of $160 million over a three-year period caring for Medicaid beneficiaries needing in-home personal care services. The $160 million figure cited accounts for approximately 17.9 percent of the total HHP expenditures from October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2013. HHP allows Medicaid beneficiaries with functional limitations resulting from a medical or physical disability or cognitive impairment to receive personal care services in… Read More >