Our HIPAA Compliance services include assisting health care providers of all types and sizes to understand and comply with the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

Some of the services that our HIPAA lawyers provide related to HIPAA compliance include:

  • Drafting HIPAA Privacy and Security policies and procedures;

  • Drafting or revising the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices;

  • Assistance with drafting HIPAA Security Risk Assessment;

  • Assistance with interpretation of the HIPAA Rules;

  • Review and revision of HIPAA Privacy and Security policies for the purposes of verifying that all requirements are addressed (including the new requirements set forth in the Final Omnibus Rule, which was effective September 23, 2013);

  • Review and drafting of business associate agreements;

  • Conducting required risk analysis under the breach notification rule and assisting with determining whether breach notification is necessary under the rule;

  • Drafting breach notification letters to send to patients when necessary;

  • Handling, responding to or investigating patient complaints or requests; and

  • Assistance with responding to subpoenas or other record requests.

In addition to our representation of health care providers, who are typically “covered entities” pursuant to the HIPAA Rules, we also regularly represent businesses who provide services with covered entities and who, in the course of providing services, create, receive or maintain protected health information.

Some of the services that we provide to business associates include:

  • Assistance with determining whether the business meets the definition of a business associate;

  • Drafting and reviewing business associate agreements; and

  • Drafting HIPAA Privacy and Security policies and procedures (and assistance with determining which aspects of the HIPAA rules apply to business associates).

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