Contract Review

Contract review in the healthcare world requires extensive knowledge of health care laws and the practical application of the law to health care business relationships. Whether you need a contract drafted or reviewed, our experience and legal knowledge will help you form contractual relationships that meet your business goals while remaining compliant with the health care laws, such as the Federal Stark and Anti-Kickback statutes, as well as similar state laws.

Our attorneys have experience preparing, reviewing and effectively negotiating contracts in a variety of contexts including:

  • Physician employment and independent contractor agreements;

  • Employment and independent contracts between non-physician practitioners, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants and physician practices or hospitals;

  • Partnership agreements;

  • Accountable Care Organization participation agreements;

  • Managed Care contracts;

  • Pay for performance agreements;

  • HIPAA Business Associate and Subcontractor (“Downstream Business Associate”) agreements;

  • Stock purchase and Buy-Sell agreements;

  • Medical equipment and space lease agreements;

  • Marketing agreements;

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; and

  • Medical records custodian agreements.