Senate Bill Would Enable Veterans Affairs Nurse Practitioners to Practice Independent of Physicians

As reported by Modern Healthcare, the Senate is considering legislation that would allow nurse practitioners across the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to practice independently of physicians, regardless of the state law where they are practicing. The bill, known as Frontlines to Lifelines Act of 2015, would allow advanced practice registered nurses – specifically nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and clinical nurse specialists in mental health care – to practice independent of physician supervision regardless of the limitations in place under state… Read More >

CMS Announces April 2015 Release of Ophthalmology Comparative Billing Report; Upcoming Webinar for Modifier 25: Nurse Practitioner Comparative Billing Report

CMS recently announced that it will issue a Comparative Billing Report (CBR) focused on ophthalmology providers in April 2015. Pursuant to the March 19, 2015 MLN Connects Provider News, the CBRs will be produced by CMS contractor eGlobalTech, and will “contain data driven tables and graphs with an explanation of the findings that compare these providers’ billing and payment patterns to those of their peers” both across their state and nationally. The CMS announcement does not indicate which ophthalmology services… Read More >

New Law Frees Some Experienced New York Nurse Practitioners from Physician Supervision Requirements

As recently reported by Modern Healthcare, the Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act brought about changes to the physician supervision requirements for nurse practitioners in New York with over 3,600 hours of clinical practice experience. Under the new rules, which took effect January 1, 2015, nurse practitioners with 3,600 hours of clinical practice experience will no longer be required to maintain a written collaborative agreement with a physician nor will they be required to submit charts to a physician for review. Instead,… Read More >